Medical Alarm Scams and Fraud – 7 Ways to Protect Your Loved Ones

There comes a point when the decision has to be made whether our elderly parents are capable of living on their own. Our gut tells us that the longer they stay in their familiar setting the happier they will be. One of the new technological tools that has made staying at home for people who are weak or are in danger of falling is the personal  medical  alarm systems. But unfortunately, there are people out there that will try to scam you out of your money and will offer a service that can be deadly!

1. Check the company with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Just because they might have the BBB logo on their website does not mean that they are in good standing. You must actually visit the BBB site and check the business’s name. This is good advice for any service you purchase but especially important here when dealing with you loved one’s lives.

2. If the contract that you are offered is written in small letters be wary! Any company who offers a contract written in small type to customers who are largely hard of seeing raises alarms. Either they are not being mindful of their costumers needs (and if so would you want them to be taking care of your loved ones), or they might be trying to hide something…

3. Physically try to meet all the people that will be involved in helping your loved ones. Use your gut feeling whether you like these people and you trust them.

4. Always double check the contract to make sure that the price of the service does not suddenly jump for the next few years and that the service DOES NOT automatically renew itself. You want to always be in charged of when the service is being renewed.

5. Shop around and make sure that you are not over paying for the service.

6. Test the service at sporadic moments and from different sections of the house to make sure that the service works from all places.

7. Check your rights with your State Attorney General regarding purchasing such a service. Once you do, make sure the company that you choose is fulfilling all the State’s guidelines. If not, be wary.

Once you choose a service or a product the most important thing is to train your loved one in using it. Make double and triple sure that they understand how to use it. Test them in various situations. Make sure that they understand how the product works and how to know if it is broken or turned off. I hope this information helped you.