Online Medical Transcription Schools – You Can Avoid Illegitimate Programs by Following These Tips

There are tons of people who are looking for ways to make money from home. A  medical  transcriptionist salary is very appealing to those who are trying to find employment from home. Unfortunately, many of the people who are looking for work in transcription fall for the scams. Since transcription is a legitimate career, it gives a good opportunity to scammers who want to take advantage of those who are willing to learn.

Don’t be afraid though because you don’t have to become a victim if you know what to look for. Online  medical  transcription schools that are not accredited should be avoided at all costs, no matter how appealing they may seem at first. Any training facility can claim they offer the best program, but there has to be proof. While some schools may offer all of the training you need, it won’t help you when looking for a job. Most of the online  medical  transcription companies want to see proof that you attended an accredited training program.

In the event that you do not attend an accredited training facility, you may end up not qualifying for a job and you will also ultimately miss out on the transcriptionist salary you deserve. As you can see, people really are being victims of scams when they do not attend an accredited program. You can avoid this situation by checking in with websites such as and to see if your school’s name is on the list.

It’s true that a certification means a higher transcriptionist salary. Jobs that do not require a certification typically start off paying much lower because no skill is required. With that being said, there is a chance you can still obtain employment, but just not the kind that you had originally wanted. With a low-paying transcriptionist job, you might make $200.00 a week at best working full-time. After you put aside money for taxes and add up all of your bills, you’ve practically got nothing left. In this day and age, no one can live off of that sort of money, and if they do, they’re not happy.

Ask people online, like those you might find on web forums, about the schools they recommend the most. Make sure that you get a lot of advice from people who are already working and making a legitimate transcriptionist salary. People who have experience are great resources for tips and pointers about how to go about obtaining your training and snagging your first job.

The Better Business Bureau has a website where schools and businesses alike can be checked for legitimacy. A lot of times, online transcription schools will require that you send in money and you’ll never hear back from them. Scammers are aware of the fact that there are many individuals who are eager to get started in the  medical  transcriptionist career field, so they are more than willing to do anything they can to make a quick buck.

It doesn’t matter how real or concrete the website looks, always check just to be sure. Anyone can create a decent-looking web page filled with false promises and lies claiming that completing their course will promise you a job and a huge transcriptionist salary. Scammers are only out for themselves, and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t keep their so-called “training programs” up and running.