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Medical Tourism Guide For Medical Treatment Abroad

A global economic recession is at hand, but it is no secret that the United States is one of the most affected countries all over. Many citizens are doing their best to make ends meet, even those with urgent health and  medical  concerns who are waiting in line for treatments. A recent but increasingly popular trend in the American health Read More

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6 Benefits of a Medical Billing Service

In these uncertain times, with all the changing regulations of how claims are submitted, received and processed by Insurance Carriers, it can be quite overwhelming financially. The most common questions asked are… Am I collecting the maximum amount possible? How do I know I am collecting as much as possible? How can I increase my revenue? Perhaps a  Medical  Billing Read More

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Medical Transcription

This is a process whereby dictation from physicians and other healthcare providers is transcribed and formatted into a  medical  document. The dictation occurs after a patient has seen a physician and then he dictates the results of that visit. A  medical  transcriptionist (MT) listens to the dictation and transcribes into a word processor (such as WordPerfect or Word), or in Read More

Study of Urban vs. Suburban Emissions Strengthens Case for a Carbon Tax

Environmentalists have long been critical of “suburban sprawl.” A study of carbon emissions in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, provides new reasons to question excessive suburban growth. Although the study itself does not make policy recommendations, its findings bolster the case for a carbon tax. The study was Read More

New Advances in Genetic Testing Further Undermine the Insurability of Healthcare Risks

 To be insurable, a risk must meet certain criteria. One is that the loss must not be catastrophic. Another is that the loss must be unexpected or accidental. Genetic testing renders many health risks uninsurable. For example, about 30,000 people in the United States have two copies of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis (CF). Treatment for CF is improving. Read More